Safety, efficiency, compliance, and peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

Site Shield is a user-friendly solution for all daily operational needs

With an average of 10 robberies per day at financial institutions, are you doing enough to protect your employees and company?

"I wish we had a product like this ten years ago. Risk management, efficiency, and employee safety make it well worth the low price. And the built-in audit log keeps the regulator off your back; priceless!"
Ron Haidle, retired President/CEO Malheur Federal Credit Union


In Process/All Clear Signaling

Allow your employees to quickly and discreetly notify other employees of the status of the location. Never have to wonder if your current system has been compromised. Is it safe to enter? A quick check of the application and all employees are on the same page.

Operational checklists

Create, manage, and assign tasks to users for their completion. Quickly add checklists for staff to follow for operational items or tasks.


Streamline the process of requests by allowing employees to build specific requests that route to the appropriate decision maker directly. Eliminate bottlenecks and inefficiencies by creating specific request and routing them accordingly.

Contact Center

One click access to all contact information for designated users.

Audit Log and Data Collection

All interactions within the Site Shield App will be complied in the audit log functionality. When was a task completed and by whom? That information will be date and time stamped and stored with the user information within the audit log.


Turn every employee’s device into a handheld body alarm. With a single action, users are able to notify a designated contact of their duress. Can be hard coded for 911 dialing with GPS coordinates captured and sent.


$75 per month


Product offerings
  • In Process/ All Clear Signaling + Duress
  • Audit Log
$100 per month

Base Plus

Product offerings
  • In Process/All Clear Signaling + Duress
  • Audit Log
  • Contact Center
  • Checklists
$125 per month


Product offerings
  • In Process/All Clear Signaling + Duress
  • Audit Log
  • Contact Center
  • Checklists
  • Requests

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